7 Unique Things you can do in Savannah, GA

Posted: August 25, 2016

While Savannah offers plenty of things to do, there are a handful of things qualifying as very unique. The South’s Hostess city is full of history, culture and plenty of activities to keep you busy. If you want to enjoy some of the unique things to do in Savannah, GA, start with our list of seven below.

Take a Ghost Tour in a Hearse

Hearse Ghost ToursAre you fascinated by the potentially haunted? With so much history in Savannah, it’s not hard to imagine some of the older buildings providing haunting experiences. The Hearse Ghost Tour is one of the most popular in the city and provides all kinds of great ghost stories while you enjoy the historic district.

Tours last about 75 minutes and the cost is $17 for adults and $10 for children. You will need a reservation and seating is limited.

Enjoy Chocolates at the Forrest Gump Bench

Maybe you want to act like you’re in the movie Forrest Gump. Well, you can, if you’re in Savannah. The bench shot in the movie Forrest Gump was shot right here in Savannah at Chippewa Square. The bench is one of the hottest collector’s items on the market and you can see the site of this iconic film’s most popular shot.

Enjoy Honey Tasting at Savannah Bee Company

If you love honey or just want to learn more about it, the honey tasting offered at Savannah Bee Company is for you. While you won’t be tasting honey directly from the queen bee’s hive, you will get to enjoy plenty of excellent honey and learn all about it.

Drive Beneath 400 Spanish Moss Covered Oak Trees

Womrsloe State Historic SiteThe Womrsloe State Historic Site provides one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. You can drive or take a walk under 400 oak trees covered with Spanish moss. These trees create an arch of sorts and provide an incredible walk or drive you won’t soon forget.

Tour a Novelist Home

The Flannery O’Conner Home was the home of Mary Flannery O’Connor. She published two novels and many short stories throughout the years. Wise Blood and The Violent Bear It Away were both her creations. These two novels included many shady and disturbed characters. You can visit her home and see where it was all created in Savannah, Georgia.

See the “Bird Girl” Statue

The “Bird Girl” statue is a unique statue in Savannah. It was used on the cover of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. There were actually four statues and the most popular is known as “Little Wendy”. This statue was found in the Bonaventure Cemetery, but has been moved to the Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center for the Arts.

Hop on Board the Savannah Steam Engine Train

Savannah Steam Engine TrainIf you love trains, the Georgia State Railroad Museum is for you. This is the only museum in the entire world with a complete antebellum railroad repair center. The cost to get in is $10 for adults and $6 for kids. You will have the opportunity to explore plenty of historic trains and you can even climb on board and old steam locomotive.

There are several very unique things to do in Savannah, Georgia. Whether you’re new to the city or you’ve been here all your live, it’s time to discover some of the most unique things found right in your own backyard. Start with these seven and you’ll probably discover even more along the way.

Generous Square Footage on Very Large Lot

Posted: August 23, 2016

Welcome home to 30 East 65th Street, the beloved home of Savannahian Brother Robert. This fixer upper extraordinaire offers generous square footage, a very large lot, a great floor plan, original hardwood floors, and lots of natural light. Circa 1952 Savannah Grey Brick ranch style home offering three true bedrooms and a fourth possible, currently used as an office.

The large eat-in kitchen overlooks a delightful enclosed breezeway, which offers interesting potential, including a spacious half bath and a large storage room, that could even be a fourth or fifth bedroom — so many possibilities!

The main living area offers a dining room overlooking the back garden through a lovely bay window, a formal entry foyer, separate living room, and an enclosed sun porch.

The house offers 2,472 square feet of single level living and sits on approximately 150 x 185 feet with plenty of room for a free standing two-car garage, swimming pool, or any other ideas you may have. Additional features include a brand new roof, French doors, and private back garden.

For information and pictures sent instantly to your mobile device: Text “108” to 79564.

To see all the images and virtual tour, visit: www.30East65.com

Savannah Named at the #7 Friendliest City in the World!

Posted: August 19, 2016

Friendly SavannahAccording to Conde Nast Traveler, Savannah is the 7th friendliest city in the world. The poll covered more than four years and readers of the site were asked to rate the friendliness of different cities in the Reader’s Choice Awards. A huge part of this survey was how welcome people felt in the cities.

The survey asked questions, such as, was it easy to navigate the city? Did a local resident show you where to go? About 128,000 people took the survey in 2015, alone. It now shows how cities in the United States compare to other cities around the world. Here’s a look at the friendliest cities and what the readers of Conde Nast Traveler thought about Savannah, Georgia.

Top Three Friendliest Cities

Charleston, South Carolina took the top spot as people surveyed stated that people actually speak to each other and the city is lovely. Many stated it was easy to get around on foot and the city has plenty of southern charm.

Sydney, Australia was next on the list with those surveyed mentioning how beautiful the city is and how it continues to impress. Readers surveyed stated that Aussies are quite friendly and it’s not hard to get help from a local if you’re lost in Sydney.

Dublin, Ireland came in third as a very friendly city. The people are the reason for the ranking with a local feel found throughout the area. Many stated how much fun the people in Dublin are and some surveyed actually said they may be the nicest people in the entire world.

Rounding out the Top Ten

The rest of the top ten friendliest cities according to the readers of Conde Nast Traveler are:

  • 4. Queenstown, New Zealand
  • 5. Park City, Utah
  • 6. Galway, Ireland
  • 7. Savannah, Georgia
  • 8. Krakow, Poland
  • 9. Bruges, Belgium
  • 10. Nashville, Tennessee

Savannah, Georgia was one of just four US cities making the top ten and ranked third out of the cities found in the United States.

What did they Say about Savannah?

Savannah, Georgia Friendliest CityReaders surveyed had great things to say about Savannah. Words, such as fun, talkative and bubbly were used to describe locals throughout the city. Many stated it’s a very walkable city and many mentioned the laid-back atmosphere found throughout the city.

Maybe it’s the southern charm or the number of very interesting attractions. Maybe it’s the people and the friendly atmosphere found throughout Savannah. Whatever it is, Conde Nast Traveler readers made it perfectly clear, they find the city to be quite friendly.

While 7th in the world is a big deal, what’s a bigger deal is getting ranked 3rd out of the cities in the United States. Southern charm is certainly alive considering two of the top three US cities making the list are found in the south.

Whether you’re visiting Savannah or considering relocating to the area, you’ll enjoy the friendly, laid-back atmosphere. The peaceful setting makes it a popular city full of southern charm.

Forsyth Park: Full of History and Beauty

Posted: August 16, 2016

Forsyth ParkForsyth Park is the largest park found in the historic district of Savannah. It takes up about 30 acres of land found just to the north of Park Avenue and to the south of Gaston Street. The park’s eastern border is found at Drayton Street and Whitaker makes up the western border.

Forsyth Park serves as the center of the social scene in the historic district as a host for many concerts, sporting events and so much more. Residents often enjoy people watching, relaxing, reading and all kinds of activities throughout the park. Saturdays are especially popular due to the Farmer’s Market held in the park.

History at Forsyth Park

The park was actually laid out and created in the 1840s. William Hodgson donated the land for the original space, while John Forsyth donated another 20 acres in 1851 for the park. John Forsyth, whom the park is named after, was the 33rd Governor of Georgia.

The Confederate Monument

Confederate Monument at Forsyth ParkOne of the most historic features of the park is the Confederate Monument. This monument was introduced into the park in 1879 and sits in the center of the park. It’s a large column with a bronze soldier found on the top. David Richards was the sculptor from New York City creating the monument and dedicating it to the men who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Forsyth Park was chosen as the home for the monument because the South drilled in the park before they were sent into battle.

Originally, two statues named “Silence” and “Judgement” were actually chosen to be placed in the park to honor the Confederate soldiers. However, the people of Savannah didn’t view these monuments favorably and they were moved. “Silence” is found in the Laurel Grove Cemetery and “Judgement” is found in a cemetery located in Thomasville, Georgia.

The Fountain

Forsyth Park FountainMaybe the most known feature found in the park is the large fountain found on the northern side of the park. The fountain was created in 1858. It resembles a few other fountains found in the world including one in Peru and one in Paris. The Place de la Concorde fountain found in Cuzco, Peru is one of the fountains the Forsyth Park fountain is modeled after.

Benches surround the fountain and provide a place to sit and enjoy the beauty. This is a popular spot for people watching, relaxing, reading and just enjoying the view.

St. Patrick’s Day brings green water to the fountain and a ceremony for turning the water green. Hundreds, sometimes even thousands of locals come out for the ceremony every year.

Events Held at Forsyth Park

Sidewalk Arts FestivalEvery year, a number of events are held at Forsyth Park for residents and visitors to enjoy. The top events on the calendar annually include:

  • Savanna Children’s Book Festival
  • The Color Run
  • Sidewalk Arts Festival
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Picnic in the Park Concert
  • Savannah Jazz Festival
  • Savannah Fashion Week

Many other events are also help at the park throughout the year including free movies in the parks and other special events.

An Unforgettable Sight

Visitors from all over the world come to Savannah to enjoy Forsyth Park. This historic park is one of the iconic landmarks of the city. Planners of the park dreamed of creating a park able to provide amazing views years later. These visionaries have realized their dream and the park still stands as one of the most beautiful in the south.

If you’re a resident living near the Forsyth Park area or you’re new to Savannah, spending regular time at the park will help you escape the busyness of life. Make sure to enjoy the fountain, the monument and come for a few special events each year. You won’t be disappointed, but instead, you will be left in awe.