My complete letter to the editor, not the abbreviated one that ran in today’s paper. I thought the part at the end was important.

Posted:  August 31, 2013


Dear Editor,

We have a rare opportunity to shape the future of Savannah.

In 1733 Oglethorpe laid out the first wards, a tradition which continued until the city ran out of “common” land. Due to this and the 19th century planting of live oaks and the design/build of beautiful 19th century masonry residential homes, the city is one of the most attractive in the world.

Now, as we begin to approach our 300th year, new opportunities have recently arisen for expansion. We now have a chance that may never come again.

In 2005-2006, when I was first entering the Real Estate profession, the exciting Savannah River Landing project was envisioned. The Savannians who conceived this were visionaries who took a big risk at the wrong time. Let’s hope something good will result from this effort.

Regardless of what happens to SRL, there are other great opportunities for expanding the magical ward plan. I hope we are working with the Housing Authority and others who control the land at the eastern terminus of Oglethorpe and Liberty Streets. This land is well elevated and the grand boulevards of Liberty and Oglethorpe should be extended eastward. Wherever possible new additional residential wards, designed just like Oglethorpe’s originals, should be laid out.

Savannah and the world deserves this. Along with the restoration of the two trust lots and tything lots (where possible) at Orleans Square and other efforts to heal scars to our original plan, this, if done properly, will keep the world talking about the beautiful old and a new expanding Savannah for many years to come.

Ron Melander, 517 Tattnall St., Savannah, Georgia, 912-441-7124