Neighborhood Spotlight: Ardsley Park

Posted: September 23, 2016

Ardsley Park SavannahA large residential area dating back to about 1910, Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent features a regular grid design with landscaped squares. This is a common design found throughout historic Savannah. While the name Ardsley doesn’t have proven roots or ties, many do believe it was borrowed from a British neighborhood.

Chatham Crescent provides one of the few examples of the Beaux Arts influence on the city plan featuring a grand mall, small circular parks and crescent-shaped avenues. The design idea came from Harry Hays Lattimore, William Lattimore and others involved in the Ardsley Park Land Corporation.

Experiencing the History of Ardsley Park

Residents living in Ardsley Park enjoy plenty of history throughout. It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985 due to the incredible beauty found throughout dating back to the early 20th century.

It’s home to the oldest working minor league baseball stadium in America called Grayson Stadium. The stadium seats 8,000 and it’s the home field for the Savannah Sand Gnats and part-time home for the Savannah State University team.

Along with the ballpark, may other historic buildings and landmarks are found throughout Ardsley Park. Hotel Georgia was supposed to be one of finest hotels and was to be found between 47th Street and Maupas Avenue. The plans showed off the Spanish Revival-style of design, but the hotel encountered all kinds of problems and barely made it off the ground

The Savannah High School, which is now the Savanna Arts Academy, was built on the land set aside for the hotel. Early pictures of the area showed very little greenery. The developers had plans to put in more than 5,000 trees, which now form tree canopies and provide plenty of shade for the neighborhood.

Throughout the neighborhood, many revival and eclectic styles of architecture are found. The historic district is one of the best places for local interpretations of the most popular architectural styles of the early twentieth century.

Living in Ardsley Park

Ardsley ParkHomes within the Ardsley Park provide strong values and the community is known as one of the most desirable in Savannah, GA. It has been listed on many “Best of” lists from local and publications throughout the years. The beautiful parks, incredible streetscapes and canopied streets make it an ideal place for those enjoying biking, walking and running.

Residents also enjoy an easy commute to the Downtown area using Waters Avenue and Abercom. The Islands are also easy to get do by way of Victory and Southside Drive. Shopping and dining may not be found much in Ardsley Park, but the neighboring Ardmore community is home to the Habersham Village, which provides plenty of both. It’s also home to the diamond-shaped Hull Park, which is one of the most popular kid-friendly parks in the area.

Other places residents of Ardsley Park enjoy include:

  • Bella’s Italian Cafe
  • Russo Seafood Market
  • Barberitos
  • TailsSpin Pet Food and Accessories
  • Habersham Antiques Market
  • Green Truck Neighborhood Pub
  • Yia Yia’s Kitchen

The Location

Ardsley Park is found between Estill Avenue and Bull Avenue, which are marked by an incredible retaining wall made from Belgian block. The wall material is similar to that used for ballast on ships coming from England at the time. There are also stone pillars featured throughout the area to mark entrances to the parks. Other boundaries of the neighborhood include Waters Avenue on the east and 58th Street on the south.

Overall, Ardsley Park is a centrally located place with plenty of historic significance. It’s one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Savannah and it’s often found on the “best of” lists published by many local publications.